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Here is everything you need to know about Starblazer. You can download content (screenshots, trailer) to use in any press coverage, and you can read all about the game. Feel free to copy-and-paste anything from here if it helps you to review, discuss, or offhandedly mention our game to the world.

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  • Genre: Real-time Strategy

  • Age: Teen

  • Lead Developer: Alexander Clark

  • Publisher: Starcade Arcade

  • Price: US$19.99 

  • Release date and platforms:

    • 21st Dec, 2018 (Steam)

Short Description

BUILD FLEETS. BATTLE FRIENDS. Enjoy the thrill and adrenaline rush that comes with controlling an entire fleet in virtual reality.

Long Description



Experience the thrill, fast pace, and funk of Starblazer. Clash with friends and join the many curious-minded commanders that have found a VR strategy game that everyone can play.


EXPANSIVE UNIVERSE. The glitz and sheen of Saffron Stadium. The tranquil creeks of Blossom. The fiery sun of Icarus. The neon vibes of Incomplex. The many varieties of maps and arenas keep gameplay unique and interesting.


UNIQUE SHIPS, BUILD COUNTLESS FLEETS. Craft the perfect fleet, choose your favorite ships, and design unique combinations. With 8 different types of ships, no fleet is ever the same. Simple “rock-paper-scissors” gameplay makes this an easy strategy game for everyone to pick up and play, while leaving lots of options for players looking for a challenge.


DEFEAT ENEMY FLEETS, FIGHT FOR VICTORY. Directly control the path of any ship on the battlefield or give commands to the entire fleet through the Cosmic Controller. Playing a game takes only seconds to learn, and advanced players can spend hours creating the perfect strategy.


DUEL PLAYERS ON ANY PLATFORM. Cross platform gameplay supports all major headsets – Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index, and Windows Mixed Reality. Play your friends in online multiplayer, no matter which VR headset they own.


GREAT AT PARTIES. A built-in Arcade Mode makes it simple for operators or party hosts to create an easy experience for players to jump right in.



• 4 unique competitive maps – Saffron, Icarus, Incomplex, and Blossom

• Challenge a friend in custom games

• Fight someone new in global matchmaking

• Build and save unique fleet configurations

• Single-player A.I. Bot available for practicing new skills

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