Busan Nebula

The command station featured passed down to a worthy commander by Orbit.

Great location for planning strategies and building fleets.

Slurpies Yacht

The party barge used by Slurps for surfing through the galaxy to find the best edibles.

A constant party with raving tunes played nonstop.


The most basic and versatile of the ships.

Designed for agile dogfighting and mid-range combat.


This powerhouse can barrel through enemy frontlines.

Use as a shield to protect your ships, but watch out for splitters!


Healing abilities can repair ally ships and restore shields. 

Ships within its radius are automatically healed.


The cloaking abilities of this ship allow it to sneak behind enemy lines or hide ally ships with invisibility.


Use this to create any ship to join your fleet.

Some ships take longer than others to build, but any ship can be built.


Devastating attacks at a close range can drill through enemy armor.

Use this fast and deadly ship to take out Bruisers and Builders.


A powerful, long range weapon for attacking from afar.

Slow to move and fire, but deadly from a distance.


The most important ship to protect, the flagship controls your entire fleet.

Destroy and capture the enemy's flagship to win the game.